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PathPerfect EDU gives counselors the tools to help their students find fulfilling career paths tuned to their unique thinking styles.

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Our 10 point career analysis system is uniquely hand crafted to design an ideal career and life path.

We provide guidance to identify the innate strengths and potential blind spots so that an individual can capitalize their strengths for a bright path ahead in their lives. We also empower them with ‘whole brain thinking tips and tricks’ to help predict behaviors of self and others in a jiffy. We guide the individuals and students into developing their less preferred styles of thinking.

Our career analysts are success catalyst. We bet once you try, you shall never regret the experience.

Career Paths

We have developed an amazing array of career path designs for the counselors to help students navigate the right career in a highly scientific manner. Our lead counselor’s hand-hold the counselors until they can confidently design paths based on the 10-point pathperfect evaluation system.

Counselor Dashboard

The account is individually created for counselors/schools or any institution. It can be accessed from any part of the world. The test, results and payment is seamlessly made a part of the dashboard.

Student Dashboard

The student has a unique dashboard showcasing the assessment test and results. The student can ask the coaches any number of enquiries even after completion of the assessment through the dashboard.

For Students

In-depth assessments measuring the brain dominance & thinking styles

Career matches to over 900+ careers

Integrated report showcasing innate strengths and potential blind spots

“PathPerfect was the main reason why I chose to pursue fashion merchandising after my graduation. I was lost for over 5 years. The program guided me into my abilities and thinking patterns. I became empowered to take the decision.”

— Kasni

“We have been working with the team of pathperfect for over 3 years now and we enjoy the process of 10 point evaluation. Our students find it exciting, useful and enlightening, ”

— RTCD, Dubai

For Administrators

Increase visits to your career center & provide guidance much beyond the mere career path

Deploy your unique branding into the career reports

All assessments are automated & available at the click of the button

World-class career test backed by whole brain science

The tool used is powered by over 10 million user responses in the dominant brain design database globally. We have devised an extended module to the existing brain dominance battery to identify the career and life path with confidence.

Applying Whole Brain® Thinking means being able to fully leverage one's own preferences, stretch to other quadrants when necessary, and adapt to and take advantage of the preferences of those around you to improve performance and results.

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We invite counselors of schools/colleges or career institutions to be a part of the revolution to help students find their IKIGAI


Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being."