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"It was very easy and convenient. The test highlighted my strengths. It also guided me in understanding my weakness. I could predict the success of a career by myself. Learning whole brain program after the career assessment was super fun as well."
"The report was easy to interpret, my coach further guided me into the sub division of my career in the masters program."
"The clarity I got about myself after doing the assessment was unbelievable. I always thought I was always a people’s person but the thinking style map gave me more insights into my underutilized thinking style."
We started our enquiry into whole brain powers in the year 2010.
We have come a long way to help thousands of students and adults who are confused and clueless regarding the choice for the right career path.
We use the best whole brain thinking tools of the century developed by Dr Kobus Neethling(NBI) and Dr Ned Hermann(HBDI) in our interpretation.
The Neethling brain inventory has been declared by Forbes coaches council as a must do for any executive seeking success.

Step 1

Take the assessment

After signing up , you shall undergo various steps of analysis. You shall have six evaluation steps in the journey. The sixth step is the actual thinking style and brain design map which is the most important part of the complete assessment. This is not an IQ / EQ or any aptitude test. The test involves no fatigue. Spare about 30-40 minutes. The only prerequisite is honesty.

  • My Personal Details

  • My Favorite Subject & Hobbies

  • My Persona

  • My passionate career

  • My Value Appeal

  • My Brain Tattoo

Step 2

Get your matches

Match over 900 professions against your brain map and get a clear view of your potential career choices. Discuss not only the right career choice but also the right environment suitable for your study, the right country for further studies, the right course and electives. Also understand the blind spots which can potentially be stumbling blocks in your success. Learn techniques to overcome your limitations and engage in whole brain development.

Step 3

Know yourself

Get a detailed brain design report with career choices identified based on your brain design. The idea of the test is also to showcase a deeper analysis of your thinking style. It helps you in knowing your styles of communication, decision making, relationship and learning. You may fix a schedule with your coach to discuss your innate strengths, blind spots, potential career options and learn how to have an agile whole brain at your disposal throughout your life.

  • Pathperfect Report

    An in depth analysis of your career/life path narrating over 16 thinking styles and showcasing your innate strengths and potential blind spots.

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